PPS første møte var 20. august kl 1800 i


 Fjøsangervei 33A (Danmarksplass). 

I invitasjonen var skrevet:


Organizer Tambudzai Kanhema - Telefon 55200110.

Ass Organizer: Svein K Søiland - Telefon 55124325

Welcome to the first meeting of our new group PPS. We are pleased with your respond to this good idea of exchanging ideas about life. This is another way of gewtting to learn new things, about other peoples ideas as well as cultures and making new friends. This is a place where you can express your feelings by saying what you like wihtout being judged. I would likew to once again that this is not a religious group and its not affliated to any political group. Our first meeting will be an introduction meeting where we get to know one another and planning tigether the future of the group. It will be an open session. I hope to meet you all  at the meeting and I would like to say once again:


Yours faithfully

PPS Manager

Tambudzai Kanhema 

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